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Renewable Energy
It is anticipated that the demand for renewable energy sources and photovoltaic systems will increase considerably. There are many reasons for this: for one, the real fear of global warming and severe climate change is a factor that will make renewable a critical part of our energy needs. Average global temperatures have risen around 0.8C in the last 100 years and are projected to further increase by between 1.8 to 5.8C by 2100. Almost all governments in the world have now recognized that climate protection is one of the key tasks for the present and the future. Secondly, due to ever increasing demand for more energy and as oil and gas prices keep rising, and their supplies dwindle; it becomes clear that alternatives to fossil fuels will have to become a larger part of the mix.
We at CCL Opto are concerned about Global warming and have already taken steps in this direction and are working on Renewable energy products / projects to provide solutions to Telecom industry. We have tied with premier research & educational institute from India for technical assistance on Solar PV / Thermal Projects."
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