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Fiber Management Systems
The rack mountable termination modules are designed for Central Office and Premises applications. These cabinets are designed to provide maximum port density in a minimum space and simple cable management.
Different connector configurations are available with port count ranging from 1-192 fibers. The modular design of adapter panels makes the system flexible for installing different types of connectors in different configurations. This can be used for either direct termination applications or with splicing.    
Metro Ethernet Network Cabinet is a kind of equipment for use as a distribution point in the Ethernet access networks in broadband applications. This equipment serves as a converting device for incoming optical cables or CAT-5/CAT-5e cables through the network switch mounted inside the cabinet, outgoing CAT.5 cables are extended to subscriber families or terminal distributors for broadband access the appearance and structure of the cabinet is shown in figure 1-1 and figure 1-2. It is design as a plug and play device to minimize the installation operator's skills requirements. It is available in Metal as well as in FRP.
The size of the cabinet can differ as per the requirement. It has 19" rack inside to mount Ethernet switch and SMPS or any other 19" rack mountable device. The design of the cabinet is made modular so that position of most of the brackets is adjustable. It is both wall and plinth mountable.    
It is used to install Power Injector Modules. Material of the box is CRCA with 1.2 mm thickness. The box is IP53 compatible.
It has a 19" rack inside which makes it suitable for any standard 19" rack mountable device. It is wall mountable.
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