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CCL Opto has been serving Telecom Industry for last 7-8 years with high quality, cost effective passive fiber optic products. We get it contract manufactured as per the specifications of the client and ensure that all the requirements are met by us. We supply to major telecom carriers in India who have found our products upto their mark and are fully satisfied with our quality and service of our products.
We also offer racks for telecom applications.
CCL Opto also offers HFC Products such as Transmitters, Nodes, Receivers, RF and Fiber Amplifiers and Indoor & Outdoor passives from our Partner company in Taiwan. We also offer racks for Cable TV applications.
We offer Telecom, Networking, Server Racks contract manufactured as per the requirement specifications of the customers from our partner company in China.
We provide products and solutions to Communication Industry. While working on solutions for this industry we came across a genuine problem of power shortage for BTS at remote locations. So to plug this problem we started exploring for alternative power solution that will not depend on power produced by conventional methods. And Since India is gifted with abundant of Sun energy, we decided to go for renewable energy solution (Solar Thermal). Hence our transition from communication industry to renewable power industry.
CCL Optoelectronics is tied up with premier research and educational institute from India for technology support on Solar PV / Thermal projects. We will be soon coming up with products which we will have commercial use in various domain of industry and in return replacing use of conventional energy sources with renewable energy sources.